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What to You Must Know Before Buying an Industrial Pump

Unlike domestic pumps which are mainly used to pump water, industrial pumps can be used to pump a lot more than just water. They, therefore, come in bigger sizes than the home used pumps. The industrial pumps are also more advanced than the pumps used at home. Industrial pumps will be required to pump substances such as water, chemicals, petroleum products, sludge, food and slurry. The difference in viscosity of these, materials make it necessary for industrial pumps to pump at different pressures. As one would easily note, the materials are also of different chemical composition meaning the pumps also have to be made with different materials and designs. Before getting an industrial pump, here are some good tips you may need to put into consideration.

Before purchasing an industrial pump, put into consideration how big or small your industry is as well as what it deals in. Some industries primarily deal with fluids and on a large scale. Such industries include those dealing with petroleum products, water or even chemicals. The pumps used in such industries have to be able to pump large volumes of fluids at very high pressures. The amount of time these pumps are required to pump water is also long.The specifications on the individual pumps in the market will give you the amount of time the pump operates as well as the pressure it can generate.

Something else to be considered by a pump buyer in a pump is the nature of the fluids being pumped. Previously, we saw that some of the fluids pumped by industrial pumps include chemicals, food substances and petroleum products. Chemicals being corrosive will need to be pumped by pumps that can resist corrosion by the fluid. Rusting is another problem caused by water and fluids with oxygen and a pumps for such should withstand this. Pumps for food materials should be made of substances that cannot contaminate the food.

To be put into consideration also is the power consumption of the industrial pump. The amount of power a pump takes in as it pumps may determine how much profit your industry makes. Pumps that take in a lot of power use up a huge amount of money from the industries’ revenues. The amount of power pump consumes may be determined by checking the manufactures manual. Based on the value of substances you need to pump, the manual will give you a clue of the expenses on power on the pump.

How easy it is to customize your pumps is the last thing to consider. Some changes to be made on industrial pumps include inclusion of extra pipes, changes in direction of flow or addition of valves. How the customization is done will depend on the nature of the industry as well as the fluids being pumped. You will get the best service from a pump that you can customize with ease.

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