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How to Solve Your Problem on a Slow Loading Website

If you are running a home services business like a DIY appliance repairs company or a wall mount tv installation company, it is very important that you have your own website. Aside from the fact that the popularity of your business will increase, you will even gain more customers. Because promoting your business will not be a problem, people will know your business exists and that you deal with appliance repairs, wall mount tv installation, and other home services.

When creating a website for your wall mount tv installation or DIY car repairs company, it is important that you focus on the overall user experience of your customers. Although it is true that having a business website that has a modernized look and detailed features is nice, it can slow down your website’s page load time. When you have a slow website, most if not all your visitors will be very disappointed and frustrated. This may be hard to believe at first but having a slow loading website can lose you customers and at the same time, cause the failure of your business.

In this article, we will be discussing some tips on how to solve your problem on a slow loading website.

1. Determine the current speed of your business website.

Before you start working on the load time of your website, it is important that you determine it’s speed first. The good news is that there are numerous web-based tools online that can assists us on this specific task. You can always rely on these tools when it comes to analyzing the web and mobile speed of your website. If you discover that your speed is higher than 80, then you have no problem at all. But if you score lower than 80, you have to work on your website’s page load time.

2. You need to compress your web files.

Compressing your web files can greatly improve your website’s page load time. Don’t hesitate to compress your web files because this will not affect or even degrade the quality of your videos or photographs. The quality of the photographs and videos you put on your website regarding car repairs and the process of wall mount tv installation will be unchanged.

3. You need a the help of a content delivery network.

Yes, it is true that hosting your web files on a local server is perfectly fine at first, however, once you start gaining customers abroad, you will soon have a problem. If your wall mount tv installation and home services business is getting bigger, using a content delivery network will play to your advantage. Once you do, your customers from abroad will have no problems downloading or viewing your files from your server.

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