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What You Should Know About Music Distribution

Today music distribution has been made easier through the digital platforms. Musicdigi is the leading digital music distribution platform. Musicdigi web platform makes it easier for new artists to launch and distribute their music all over the world through the digital tools. Artists will not have to surrender their rights and royalties when they use the musicdigi web platform. The most affordable music distribution platform is the musicDigi web platform.

Today it has been estimated that over 60 % of music revenues and subscriptions come from digital sales of music. It is easier and affordable to distribute music through the digital platforms. For little cash artists could use the musicdigi platform to distribute their music. The gains are so huge since the misicdigi platform is accessed by many people all over the world. Subscriptions and sales of music through the musicdigi and other digital platforms account for over half of the music industry global revenue.

When artists use the musicdigi web platform to distribute their music they got to keep their rights and royalties. Musicdigi will ensure that artists’ music is distributed everywhere on the internet for little monthly pay. Distribute and promote your music through the musicdigi platform to make it big today.

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