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Dogs Positively Affect your Health

Dogs have become more than just pets – they are practically family. You will find most dogs to be receptive and friendly. Incidentally, they can also be used to keep their owners healthy and fit. If you recently acquired a dog for a pet, you will soon discover the benefits of the ways in which your new pet can help enhance your health status.

When it comes to physical activity, those who own dogs tend to get out more when they take them for walks. Any dog breed can help you achieve this. They present a chance always to go out and exercise. The time they take walking in a week has been seen to be twice that of those who do not own such pets. The type of walk involved does not have to be brisk. Even a gentle walk is enough to keep one fit. You can opt to walk it once or twice in a day.

Dogs have a pleasant effect on their owner’s moods. Playing with the dogs, especially their puppies, gives someone an instant dose of calm and joy. A little time spent petting a puppy releases positive mood inducing hormones such as serotonin, prolactin, and oxytocin.

When you stay with your puppy through its growth until maturity, you will naturally become close friends, which will help you cope with stress in your life. This I also aided by the fact that caring for something other than yourself gives off a good feeling. This can be seen when they feed them, wash them, give them treats from manufacturers such as Betsy Farms, and such.

When you spend time around a dog, your blood pressure will remain at a healthy low. The action or stroking and feeling the touch of a dog is what stabilizes the pressure in blood. The constant companionship of the dog will ensure the effect remains stable and prolonged.

A group of children was experimented upon in a study. The aim was to find out the effect of dogs on their immune levels. It was established that children who were for the most part around a dog had stronger immune systems than the others who kept away from such pets. Dogs attract bacteria on their fur, which spreads when the house is vacuumed. This makes the children’s immune systems more active, thus affording them better fighting chances against diseases. This is not an ideal way, but it has thus far worked.

Dogs have more ways in which they can influence our lives. Dogs can detect human bodily changes. They, for example, can tell when blood sugar drops below normal levels. This can greatly aid those with diabetes. Dogs can no longer be viewed as mere pets. Dogs are now becoming our special family members.