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Home Furnishing Logo Designs: The Best Source of Business Logo Inspiration

In starting a business of your own, you are headed the right direction if your logo is relevant and well constructed. If you take a look at home furnishings, you may doubt that they will not have anything to offer you in terms of uniqueness. If you are not sure what you should be having as logo design for your business, then the best place that will inspire your logo design creativity will be the home furnishing section. Looking for logo design inspiration for your own logo should never be struggle. If you are starting from scratch and are still itching for some logo design ideas, then make sure to check the following out.

Delta Faucet Company: If you first check out the faucet section, you will most likely encounter Kohler shower faucets. Kohler shower faucets only come with a simple logo with just their brand name in boldface font. The Delta Faucet Company, on the other hand, has recognized the importance of having their own image so that they can properly market their faucets. You may have already seen their logo, the one where there are three water droplets forming a triangle found inside a black circle. You can easily remember their logo owing to the fact that their logo is very abstract and most especially that they only make use of white and black colors. Furthermore, consumers are quick to associate their logo with what they are selling because of the water droplets that are found in their logo.

Shabby Chic Furniture: If you are new with the business that you have gotten yourself into, then one of the best things that you can do is to have the identity of your business be well recognized with its logo. As the name suggests, Shabby Chic sells vintage furniture that a lot of home owners cannot seem to get their hands off in this day and age. When you check out their logo, it comes with both a picture and their name. So that people will easily associate this brand to the past, the font of their logo makes use of a cursive font. As regards their brand picture, they have a lamp that is found on top of a small dresser. There is a bit of texture in the dark brown color of the picture of their logo. The dresser that you can find in its logo comes with intricate patterns such as those of a white filigree one. If you want to add a bit of personality to your logo design, then this is a perfect example of combining your brand name and a relevant image.

With the examples made mention above, there is no doubt that you can conclude that having a logo is really great for your own business.