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The New Unconventional Jewelry Trends

Since mankind learned to dress; women have been adding jewelry to their wardrobes. You will always find one on either their necks, earlobes or wrists. It adds a sense of style and elaborates the entire outfit. There have been ladies who report to feeling naked when they do not have any jewelry to wear. The speed at which fashion changes has not managed to stop the evolution of jewelry. In today’s world, jewelry is being worn on body parts previously not considered for such. Those areas previously thought of as not right for wearing jewelry are now being sought for the same.
Necklaces are being designed for the back. Despite how unusual that may sound, it is what is happening. After a while, most ladies can’t think of anything else to wear on their backs. Back necklaces compliment beautifully dresses or tops that have a plunging back neckline, which leaves the back mostly bare. This is quite a clever way of positioning the jewelry with the dress.
Another the trend is the fingernail jewelry. What makes sense for most people is the materials found in new nail polish types, which is not what is being referred to here, but actual jewelry pieces to be worn on the nails. They are diverse in their presentation, from the subtle to the overt. Since ladies can be vulnerable to attack when they are isolated, some of these pieces are designed to be seen as weapons, at least for throwing off potential threats.
Your teeth are also receiving attention. There are grills which are worn on the teeth. Those who have readily adopted them are individuals who have no problem with attention, like celebrities and other artists. They are made from some expensive material, like silver, or gold. They are expected to be sparkling and bright. Your teeth become the center of attention when you wear them.
Another area that has been upgraded to jewelry status is the bicep. This is an adoption of the old Roman fashion statement. Those ladies who have been blessed with nicely sculpted arms can take advantage of this new trend and have them made. Those with lean arms could benefit from this look the most. These jewelry pieces have no other way to fasten except to fit snuggly, which makes any excess strain on the biceps a chance to injure the arm.
Your hips can also be bought jewelry for nowadays. This type of jewelry has a limited audience, as the wearer needs to be toned well for them to look good. They work best when worn in situations that require less clothing items, such as at the beach, or tops that reveal the midriff. They give off a sexy vibe.
These form part of the new trend in jewelry wearing. The old conventions with regards to jewels have been disregarded. You can play around until you find what you think is stylish for you. It is not just the neck, ears and wrists that were made for wearing jewelry. To view more pieces, click here.